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We are proud of the reputation we have earned for manufacturing the highest quality products. But we are equally proud that SWEPCO Products have provided the path to security and prosperity for many people through the years. First and foremost, we are a sales organization and we are staffed and managed to insure sales success.

Since 1933 Southwestern Petroleum Corporation has been helping sales professionals from around the world achieve their own personal growth goals. Our organization is both committed to and capable of supporting your sales efforts in a positive manner. SWEPCO offers you more than a career in professional sales and sales management. By investing time, understanding and money to help each person develop their full potential, SWEPCO dedicates itself to your success and makes a serious commitment to your future. ajd1_0.jpg

As a successful and aggressive manufacturer, Southwestern Petroleum is constantly searching for the right individual or company to represent our product line. Making the right decision is important for us as it can mean success in new markets. For the right person or company, it can mean exciting new opportunities. Please review the important reasons why we think our program deserves serious consideration.

We believe it is important to look for a company that offers some minimum prerequisites … stability, a large market, quality products, a proven marketing plan, comprehensive training and a record of success. We believe you’ll find we score very high in all of these areas and many more.

We’re proud of the reputation our company has earned for making the highest quality products. But we are equally proud of the fact that SWEPCO Products have proven to be the avenue to outstanding earnings for a wide range of people and companies.

We believe we offer one of the last opportunities that is flexible enough to be tailored to your individual capabilities and goals. Whether you are an individual looking for the path to a secure, independent future … an entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity with minimal start-up costs … or an existing company looking for a new profit center, Southwestern’s unique mix of quality products, a large stable market and proven sales strategies can provide the opportunities you seek.

We genuinely appreciate your interest and hope the information that follows will encourage you to investigate Southwestern Petroleum in more detail.

Art Dickerson, Chairman 

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