SWEPCO 102 Organic Moly Grease

SWEPCO 102 Organic Moly Grease is a premium quality organic moly grease that outperforms conventional greases in a number of ways, including :

  • high heat resistance
  • cold temperature performance
  • friction reduction, wear control
  • oxidation resistance and service life

SWEPCO 102 is an outstanding value for maintenance of equipment that requires superior protection at a more economical price. Excels In High Heat Applications SWEPCO 102 is formulated with a suspension grade molybdenum-sulfur anti-friction compound (moly) that gives the base stock superior affinity for metal surfaces. This reduces friction well below levels encountered with conventional greases, significantly reducing heat and heat-related failures and providing corresponding increases in load carrying capability, operating efficiency and component life. FEATURES

  • Non-melt grease with Molybdenum Dithophosphate (Liquid Moly) for less severe applications
  • Liquid Moly gives base stock exceptional affinity for metal without actually plating out lubricated surfaces like Moly powder
  • Heat and friction reducing properties are less than 101 Moly Grease, but much greater than conventional greases
Greases High Temperature

Multipurpose grease for all applications

  • Benefits of moly in an economical formulation
  • Friction reduction provides energy savings
  • Reduced grease consumption
  • Extended equipment life
  • Feed mills
  • General industrial lubrication

Heavy Construction