SWEPCO 350 Engine Assembly and Break-In Oil

SWEPCO 350 Engine Assembly and Break-In Oil is designed to provide superior protection and performance during those first critical miles of a new or rebuilt engine. Those first few miles are where the rings, bearings, and seals settle into place. SWEPCO 350 Engine Assembly and Break In Oil contains higher zinc and phosphorous content to protect rubbing surfaces such as rings and cylinder walls, valve trains and crank case components. Engine builders have had in creased concerns about modern engine oil’s ability to protect new and rebuilt engine parts during initial startup. Especially the flat tappet cams, lifters and cylinder walls. Current engine oils have reduced anti-wear additives and added friction modifiers in an attempt to increase gas mileage in new vehicles. Works to protect new parts during the initial run-in period so that the rings seat quickly to provide maximum compression. New camshafts and lifters usually are not seasoned, or heat cycled so they are susceptible to exces sive wear during the break-in period. SWEPCO 350 contains extra zinc and phosphorous to provide superior anti-wear prop erties. SWEPCO 350 promotes extra film strength to increase torque and horsepower while reducing metal to metal contact.


Fast and efficient ring seal
Higher levels of zinc and phophorous for
   maximum protection
Compatible with Methanol and high-octane
   racing fuel
Recommended for use with flat-tappet
Does not require additional additives
Up to 40 horse power increase


Heavy Construction