SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF

SWEPCO 710 Maximum Performance is a fully synthetic ATF (automatic transmission fluid) utilizing Syntheon™ and advanced additive technology. SWEPCO 710 was developed for use in modern 6, 7 and 8 speed planetary automatic transmissions. These high efficiency transmissions require low viscosity and low shear fluids for smooth operation and long fluid life. SWEPCO 710 is a high-performance formulation that meets the stringent demands and requirements of  GM’s Dexron® VI, JASO M315 and Allison C-4. Suitable for use in newer automobiles and provides improved performance in older vehicles where Dexron® is recommended. 710 Maximum Performance Synthetic ATF provides excellent friction and anti-shudder performance for smooth and efficient shifting without shudder or slippage. Syntheon™ provides superior film strength, long oxidative life, and anti-wear properties for long fluid and equipment life.

Transmission / Tractor Fluids Heavy Duty Trucks

Extended fluid life
Consistent shift performance for new
    and older transmissions
Superior oxidation and thermal stability
Reduces sludge and varnish build up
Maintains fluid film and lubricity
Excellent low temperature properties
   for cold starts
Protects transmission components for
   smooth operation
Helps reduce shudder, slippage and
Ideal for cars and light duty trucks, pick
   ups, etc.
Contains Syntheon™


Heavy Construction