SWEPCO 116 Ultra EP Food Machinery Grease

SWEPCO 116 is designed to work where other food grade greases fall short. SWEPCO 116 will carry the loads found in pellet mills, grinders, lifts and other high pressure applications. The wide operating temperature range of SWEPCO 116 makes it ideal for working in refrigerated areas as well as oven and cooking applications. SWEPCO 116 has great water resistance so it will not wash out during daily wash downs and clean ups. The 116 calcium sulfonate thickener provides exceptional extreme pressure performance, load carrying, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

With the NSF H-1 approval and exceptional performance SWEPCO 116 Ultra EP Food Machinery Grease is ideal for use throughout the plant. SWEPCO 116 will help reduce the number of greases needed and lubrication errors. It can be used above and below the line in food processing applications that require food grade grease. From forklifts to pellet mills, and grinders to conveyors, SWEPCO 116 is your problem solver for many applications.




  • USDA "H-1" approved
  • Excellent resistnce to pounding or slinging out
  • High dropping point to 600 degrees fahrenheit
  • Superior resistance to water washout
  • Highly acid and corrosion resistant
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent pumpability
Greases Food Grade Food Grade Lubricants
  • All USDA Type H-1 required grease applications
  • Food processing equipment
  • Water treatment plants

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