SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease

SWEPCO 121 Tri-Plex Universal Grease is a multi-service grease that provides superior resistance to heat, shock, water and extreme pressure in a wide range of applications. It makes bearings run longer, cooler, smoother, quieter and more efficiently and increases both bearing life and equipment reliability. WITH PROPRIETARY TRI-PLEX CHEMISTRY
SWEPCO 121 is a high performance grease based upon SWEPCO’s new, proprietary “Tri-Plex” chemistry ... an important advancement that produces a tighter molecular structure. This improvement and special polymer modification enhance a wide range of performance properties, including ... resistance to shearing, shock, high temperature oxidation, bleeding and water wash out. Combine enhanced performance in these critical areas with SWEPCO’s advanced EP performance, rust and corrosion protection and you have a new class of multi-service grease which lasts significantly longer and provides superior lubrication in the broadest possible range of applications. FEATURES

  • Proprietary “tri-plex” chemistry and high performance polymers
  • Wide temperature range of -40° to 450°F intermittent (-40°C to 268°C)
  • Unmatched shear stability for longer working life
  • Exceptional shock resistance
  • Highly resistant to high temperature bleeding and oxidation
  • Excellent low temperature pumpability
  • Won’t wash or spray off
  • Lowers bearing temperatures; reduces vibration
  • Superior EP performance
  • Environmentally responsible
  • For all types of bearings and grease points
Greases Multi-Purpose High Temperature Extreme Pressure
  • One grease for all applications – eliminates the need to stock multiple greases
  • Extends bearing life
  • Reduced grease consumption
  • Less grease related downtime
  • Offers superior shear stability
  • Bearings of all types – ball, roller, tapered, thrust, needle, ball, screw
  • Journal bearings, bushings, slideways and spherical bearings
  • Greased gearing, chassis, king pins, u-joints, disc brake calipers, fifth wheels, trailer wheel bearings, couplings
  • General manufacturing up to 375°F (190°C) continuous and 450°F (232°C) intermittent
  • Centralized lube systems
  • Low temperature applications as low as –40°F (-40°C)

Heavy Construction