SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease

SWEPCO 123 Ultra EP Multi-Service Grease is a premium high pressure gun grease. It has been specifically formulated to provide the extra protection required in high load, high heat extreme pressure applications like those commonly found in steel, construction, mining, paper, plastic, glass, brick and ceramics industries. FEATURES

  • Advanced overbased complex calcium sulfonate gelling chemistry
  • Delivers exceptional EP characteristics without the addition of other additives
  • Superior heat and wear resistance
  • High loading or pressures resistance
  • Protects metal surfaces from damaging metal to metal contact
  • Excellent water and corrosion resistance
  • Inherently high dropping point of 580°F (300°C)
Greases Multi-Purpose Extreme Pressure
  • Unique protection for heavily loaded bearing
  • Unsurpassed EP Performance
  • Superior corrosion protection
  • Low environmental impact
  • Reduced consumption
  • Longer greasing intervals
  • Steel mills
  • asphalt plants and paving
  • paper mills
  • plastics, glass and ceramics manufacturing

Heavy Construction