SWEPCO 703 Synthetic Multi-Grade AW Hydraulic Oil

SWEPCO 703 Synthetic Multi-Grade AW Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality hydraulic oil which exceeds the requirements of all major hydraulic system manufacturers. An advanced formulation provides safe, reliable, long term protection from friction, heat, wear, oxidation, sludge, varnish, foaming and corrosion. Unexcelled thermal stability and resistance to foaming and emulsification result in full hydraulic system power and improved productivity for heavily loaded hydraulic systems. FEATURES

  • Multi-grade 10W-30 formulation
  • Syntheon synthetic base stock blend
  • Superior low and high temperature performance
  • Contains oxidation inhibitors
  • Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Highly active anti-foam inhibitors
  • Won't thin or thicken excessively
  • Contains anti-wear additives
  • Dyed purple
  • USDA approved for use in closed systems
Hydraulic Oils Multi-Grade
  • One oil for year round performance
  • Single inventory formulation simplifies maintenance, thus eliminating lubrication mistakes and reducing inventory
  • Low temperature performance characteristics make it ideal for use in the coldest climates
  • High temperature oxidation stability gives superior performance
  • High dielectric strength

Hydraulic pumps and systems

Heavy Construction