SWEPCO 728 In-Service System Cleaner

  • Helps insure optimum performance from SWEPCO Lubricants
  • Recommended for flushing compressors, transmissions, hydraulic systems, gear boxes, differentials, final drives and engines

SWEPCO 728 In-Service System Cleaner is a concentrated fluid formulated with aggressive detergents and dispersants that remove varnish, sludge, gum, soot, carbon, lacquer and other harmful deposits from hydraulic systems, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors, industrial gear boxes, engines, differentials and final drives. It is added directly to the oil system and run for a short cleaning period immediately prior to a drain.

Special Purpose Oils
  • Simple, safe, aggressive system cleaning without shutting down equipment or slowing production.
  • Helps clean intricate oil passages, sumps, reservoirs, relief and check valves, servos, fluid lines, cylinders, accumulators, pumps, separators, coolders and other oil system components that can retain harmful deposits and degrade performance and efficiency.
  • Dissolves deposits, neutralizes harmful acids and cleans metal surfaces without damage to seals or gaskets.
  • Insures a more complete flush and decreases the possibility of problems when changing oils.
  • Reduces operating temperatures and wear rates and improves efficiency of equipment.
  • Regular use of SWEPCO 728 before scheduled oil drains helps insure optimum cleanliness and freedom from maintenance issues.
  • Highly recommended when changing oil chemistries.
  • hydraulic systems
  • rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
  • industrial gear boxes
  • engines
  • differentials
  • final drives
  • Any component of the above types that has been run on a synthetic oil
  • Any component of the above types with high mileage, high hours, that is known to be dirty or that has demonstrated performance issues
  • Not for use in any automatic transmission, automotive manual transmissions, turbines, rotary vane compressors, axial compressors, railroad engines (or other engines with silver components)

Heavy Construction