SWEPCO 310 Premium Engine Oil

SWEPCO 310 Premier Engine Oil is a high performance synthetic, multigrade, long drain engine oil, especially formulated to provide industry leading protection from heat, wear and contaminants. SWEPCO 310 not only meets, but exceeds, the unique service requirements of diesel engines equipped with low emission systems, such as diesel particulate filters (DPF), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC). To meet the cleanliness challenges of these modern engine systems and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, SWEPCO 310 has been carefully formulated to provide:

  • Advanced anti-oxidant chemistry reduces high temperature deposits by as much as 50%
  • over conventional oils
  • Formulated with MolyXP for unsurpassed protection from wear
  • Exceeds ACEA E9, Caterpillar ECF-1, 1A & 3, Cummins CES 20081, Mack EO-O Premium plus 07, Detroit Diesel 93K218, Mercedes-Benz 228.31, Volvo VDS 4 and others
  • Superior engine & filter cleanliness
  • Superior oxidation resistance for longer drain service
  • Diesel 93K218, Mercedes-Benz 228.3, Volvo VDS 4
  • Added control of abrasive wear, particularly in liners and top rings
  • Backwards compatible with older engines
  • High, stable TBN for longer service life and better protection from corrosive gases and contaminants
  • Superior film thickness and shear stability


SWEPCO 310 achieves this new level of performance with the very finest SyntheonTM synthetic base stock blends and the most advanced additive chemistry, including MolyXP, SWEPCO’s proprietary anti-ear/extreme pressure additive and proprietary state-of-the-art anti-oxidant chemistry. For those who require the absolute best in performance from new generation over-the-road diesel engines, SWEPCO 310 is the very best choice. Because it is backwards compatible, it provides a new generation of protection for older diesel engines, off- road diesel equipment, gasoline engines and mixed fleets. Protect your engines with the premium choice ... SWEPCO 310.

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  • Insure more uniform viscosity over a wide temperature range
  • Help improve high temperature oxidation and thermal stability
  • Better low temperature flow characteristics help reduce start-up wear
  • Extend service life Multi-Grade • Meets the requirements of more than one viscosity grade, resulting in a lubricant that bears the benefits of both viscosities
  • Made to lubricate effectively over a wider temperature range than a single grade oil allowing you to keep lubrication simple ear-round Moly XP • Acts as a synergist along with other anti-wear additives to eliminate premature wear and reduce  riction
  • Helps improve fuel economy by reducing friction and drag
  • Insures protection from extreme pressures State-of-the-Art Oxidation Inhibitors • Reduce oil thickening and deposits by as much as 50%; extend oil life 
  • Help prevent sludge, varnish and carbon deposits that result from oxidation TBN Booster/Stabilizer • Increase ability to neutralize harmful acids and corrosives 
  • Lengthen service life Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Builds a chemical bond with the surface to keep moisture and acids from penetrating and attacking the surfaces Anti-Foam Additive
  • Can lower oil operating temperatures by 25-50° F by dispersing the foam and releasing the trapped heat Oiliness Additive
  • Enables the oil to penetrate the surface for better lubrication Anti-wear Inhibitor
  • Helps prevent friction and wear
  • Helps prevent metal to metal contact Detergent Additive 
  • Helps keep engine parts clean, neutralizes acids formed during combustion Dispersant Additive
  • Helps keep solid contaminants in the oil in colloidal suspension, preventing sludge and varnish deposits on engine parts
    Pour Point Depressant Additive
  • Gives the oil better low temperature flow characteristics 
  • Helps to reduce low temperature start-up wear Viscosity Index Improver Additive
  • Less high temperature thinning and low temperature thickening Saves Fuel
  • Increased "oiliness" provides anti-friction film to reduce fuel consumption Long Life
  • Works harder for a longer period of time thus easing the cost and your worries about waste oil disposal LabTecSM Fluid Analysis Program • Maximizes equipment and lubricant life and pinpoints impending problems
  • Reduces waste

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