SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver

With MolyXP

Not all engine oils are created equal. If you aren’t using one of SWEPCO’s technologically advanced engine lubricants and you want to make sure you are still providing superior protection for your engine, fortify your oil with SWEPCO 502 Premium Engine Oil Improver. It’s an outstanding oil conditioner in concentrated form . . . a high tech blend of specialized additives and MolyXP which can protect and preserve your engine like no other oil additive product can. Treatment with SWEPCO 502 will save you money by reducing heat, friction, wear, oil consumption, fuel consumption and costly repairs. Try it today and feel the difference superior SWEPCO lubrication can make! FEATURES

  • Special solvent eliminates sticking and clattering of hydraulic valve lifters
  • Contains friction modifiers
  • Contains Micronized Moly
  • Contains a complex blend of additives
  • Neutralizes acid, dissolves gum and varnish formations

Description & Purpose SWEPCO 502 Engine Oil Improver is a concentrated engine oil additive package designed to improve performance of ordinary crankcase lubricants. Simple to use. Just add directly to the crankcase of any diesel, gasoline, propane or butane powered engine. The high performance additive package insures superior protection in all types of service – highway, off-road, city and stationary engine service.

Oil & Fuel Additives Oil Additives
  • Protects engines against friction, reduces heat and wear, helps eliminate sticking valve lifters and
  • reduces hydraulic lifter noise
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Extends engine life
  • High performance automotive repair shops
  • Mobile construction equipment
  • Over the road trucks
  • Fleet operations

Heavy Construction