SWEPCO 512 Premium Performance Booster

SWEPCO 512 Premium Performance Booster is a concentrated, high performance additive package containing advanced anti-oxidants, seal conditioners, anti-foam and water separation chemistry. Added to conventional hydraulic oils at just a 6% treat rate, it can extend oil life up to 50% or more and deliver premium performance without the premium price.

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  • Stops Leaks -- Expands seal volume to stop leaks and save money ... just one drop per second amounts to 410 gallons (1550 liters) lost per year ... also includes UV Detection Dye to make finding the source of stubborn leaks easier
  • Increases Oil Life -- Powerful anti-oxidants improve thermal stability, reduce oil thinning at high temperatures and retard oil thickening due to oxidation ... typically extends oil life by 50% or more ... reduces overall hydraulic oil cost ... helps insure optimal viscosity over wide temperature range ... improves pump efficiency, more responsive hydraulics and more productivity ... also responsible for many other benefits such as extended drain intervals, reduced maintenance costs, lower waste oil disposal costs and reduced downtime
  • Improves Water Separation -- High performance demulsifiers force fast water separation for easy, complete purging of water from the system ... reduces rust and corrosion and improves pump performance
  • Reduces Pump Wear -- Reduced water and cavitation mean less pump wear
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures -- Keeps high temperature thinning and oxidation from creating high operating temperatures
  • Stops Blown Hoses -- Reduces foaming that causes surging and blown hoses
  • All types of hydraulic systems that use mineral oil or PAO based hydraulic fluids.
  • Especially effective in construction, forestry, waste collection, utility service, heavy industry and other applications.
  • Excavators, loaders, cherry pickers, skidders, garbage trucks, dump trucks and most other types of hydraulic equipment.
  • recommended only for use in NEW mineral oil or PAO based hydraulic oils.
  • Not for use in applications that use the same fluid for wet brakes, hydraulics and transmissions, such as tractor hydraulic fluids.

Heavy Construction